Guigoo Fant4stik Narkotek

Guigoo has been for a number of years one of the most prominent figures of the hardtek/Raggatek scene.

Member of Narkotek Sound System since 2000, with whom he started organizing free parties in Paris region, he began producing Hardtek/Tribe on his first machines, and played its first lives and DJ set.

After graduate sound engineer in 2002, Guigoo launched his electronic music producing / distributing company through his website, bringing together the most famous artists of the Hardtek/Raggatek scene (Vandal, Billx, Floxytek, Darktek, Mat Weasel ..)

A musician at heart, Guigoo likes to integrate instruments he is playing himself in his productions such as piano or Scratches, he released many Hardtek/Raggatek EP and albums on vinyl, CD, and digital, on undergroundtekno sub labels (Narkotek, Access violation, Sonik boom, Raggatek power...)

Guigoo plays and compose all instrument parts in his tracks, he affirms his Hardtek style, mixing big kicks with dark and melancholic melodies.

He also has his own Raggatek style, surfing between vocals parts and powerfull synthetizers, all running on fat 190-200BPM rhytmics..

In 2014, Mat Weasel, Guigoo, Floxytek and Billx started together a new hardtek/EDM/Frenchcore band called FANT4STIK, in wich Guigoo is playing Keytar live.

Guigoo is back in 2016 with a brand new raggatek project called "Catch Me If You Can",, combinating his love for reggae-ragga sounds, drum'n'bass and hardtek.

It is at the Monegros Festival, in July 2014, that Fant4stik band, consisting of Guigoo and his cronies Billx, Floxytek and Mat Weasel, creates and plays for the first time. He then reveals his first album 'Reptilians' under the 'Bass Weapon' label , hard tek with EDM and Melbourne tends.

With Guigoo playing Keytar, Floxytek and Billx playing Pads, and Mat Weasel on the decks, melodies, rhythms, and big beats are linked, not leaving a break to the dancefloors.

Their inspiration with no limits, they are also moving towards a more hardcore style, frenchcore trend, especially with their first EP released in collaboration with Dr. Peacock in 2016. 


It was in 1998 that Narkotek sound system creates in Paris.

Between 2000 and 2003, the Narkotek collective regularly organizes free partys around Paris.
At that time, Guigoo and Kefran spent time together in the studio, producing Hardtek night and day
They released a lot of vinyls under their sub labels: trafik , sonik boom, access violation,  kisde and analogue freq.

At the beginning made of a dozen friends, the band will focus in 2004 around the musicians: Guigoo, kefran, Seno and Weser.

After many Free party's and Teknivals linked with Kaotik, Toltek, Apacut, and many other sounds systems, Guigoo, Seno and Weser continue to play in Partys and European festivals